[ FOR SALE ] Post Mortem Ambrotype Little Girl PLUS Several Pages of Mourning Poetry

1850s, 1/6 ambrotype in half of a case that has been converted
to a wall frame with an old hanging loop affixed to the back.

Also included are three pages, front and back, of handwritten
mourning poetry that were purchased along with this photo,
possibly written by the child’s mother. I didn’t research
the words, so I don’t know if the writing is original work
or not.

Ambrotype is behind heavy brass mat and glass. In overall VG
antique condition with some age related discoloration, and
some specks and stuff underneath the glass.

Non-Member Price:
$635 + $15 shipping (Boxed insured Priority Mail)
Purchase now (US ONLY, please)

Thanatos.net Member Price
$545 + $15 shipping (Boxed insured Priority  Mail)
Purchase now (US ONLY, please)

  • Before shipping, you will be asked to confirm your Thanatos Archive membership info. Please feel free to contact me before purchasing if you have any questions.

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