Edith’s Grave (Archive Image #3292)

Photo credit: Loretta Hoover, 2012.

The grave of Edith Frazee, who died of typhoid fever in 1912. Her father died of the same illness two days later. Edit’s post mortem photo can be seen on our subscription site, here: Thanatos Archive members

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Photo Medallion (Archive Image #3287B)

6″ celluloid over tin button (“medallion”) produced by the Columbia Medallion Co in the early-1900s. This medallion was intentionally darkened by Columbia in order to hide the baby’s father who was crouched down to the left. A second photo in our collection clearly showing the father can be viewed [ here ]. If you are logged into your Archive account you will be taken directly to the image *** If you are not yet a member and would like access to our entire collection [ please subscribe here ].