Emmie (Killed in Hurricane) [ Blog Exclusive ]

Cabinet card photo of Emmie Sophronia Sherwood, dressed as a fairy princess, circa 1898. Emmie, along with both of her parents and her three-year-old brother Charles, were killed on September 8, 1900 during the Great Galveston Hurricane, the deadliest natural disaster in US history. The storm caused between 6000 and 12000 fatalities, most in the Galveston area. High speed winds of over 130 MPH and a storm surge of  8 to 12 feet destroyed about 12000 buildings in the town, more than half of which were family homes.

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Deathbed Drawing, Alexandra Feodorovna

Original deathbed drawing of Alexandra Feodorovna, who was the Empress of Russia and the wife of Emperor Nicholas I.

Alexandra died on November 1, 1860.. but this drawing is clearly dated 1859 ­čĄö Click on the image to enlarge.

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[ FOR SALE ] 1/6 Daguerreotype Stunned Mother, Mourning Bands

6th plate daguerreotype in full, banded leather case. Stunned looking woman
wearing black mourning bands, holding a deceased little girl in front of a plain
blanket backdrop.

Very good antique condition with a few minor mat abrasions.

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Drowned Siblings [ Archive Image 2040 ] – Double Post Mortem

Additional material related to the drowned siblings, whose double post mortem photo is available in our member section. If you’re a Thanatos Archive member, click here to view their post mortem photo and additional info.

Note: I believe the article accidentally spelled the name wrong, which was common. The family went by Sprangers and Springers (probably an Americanized spelling).

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Grave of Thomas Baymar with Ceramic Photo Insert

Baymar grave in January 2017. Credit Myron Mugele.

The grave of Thomas Baymar, Saint Charles Cemetery in DuBois, Illinois.

Click here to see our 1907 photo of this grave marker, freshly completed, shortly before being transported to the cemetery.

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