About This Blog

This blog is a supplement to the members’ section of our post-mortem photography archive. It is replacing our old discussion forum.

The material posted here will directly relate to, and link back to, source images in the members’ section of our main website, which is hosted at Thanatos.net.

This blog is open to the public, however, only active members of The Thanatos Archive will be able to view the source images on our main website.

To access the source images on Thanatos.net and take full advantage of this blog, please visit our membership info section and consider supporting our work!

Note for Archive Members
Your Thanatos.net login credentials will not work on this blog. To add a comment, you DO NOT need a WordPress.com account or a Thanatos.net account, but for the sake of convenience, I would recommend creating a WordPress account if you plan on being active here.

26 responses to “About This Blog

  1. This blog does not affect your site access in any way. You can still log into your Thanatos.net account and view all of the photos there, and you can still view all the old posts in the VIP / bonus section of our old forum. To view the posts on this blog, just click on “All Posts” in the upper right of the screen.


  2. I found it a little strange that I had to sign up at WordPress to create a blog (which I have no interest in, and no intention of ever using) Just to “like” a comment on this blog. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Anyway….So how to I access the old forums? Thanks!


    • Hi. I’m not sure about “Liking”, but you do not need to sign up at WordPress to view these posts, and it’s my understanding that signing up is also optional if you want to comment on them, because you’re allowed to post a “quick comment” as a guest. As a member of The Thanatos Archive, there are instructions in your Welcome email on how to access the old forum, but here is the direct link: FORUM LINK …. you log into it with your same Thantos.net username and password. Note that while this blog is open to the public, the many archived posts on the old forum are still only visible to members. Thanks!


  3. To my friends at Thanatos, I just wanted to let you know that my ex-husband passed away on Nov. 22. I posted a picture of him as “scary Santa” when he had his full beard. His passing was relatively peaceful, he was found sitting with his head down on his wheel chair. Unfortunately for our children, my younger son was here the day before it happened, and my oldest was going to Alaska to stay with him on Dec. 14th, so he never got to see him one last time after four years.


  4. Hi
    I’m new to this. I purchased the book which is great. Is it possible to ask a question and get a response? Image #1033 Bennie has additional information not on the website concerning the circumstances of his death. I can’t even find a death record for him. Where did you find this info?


    • Thanks for pointing out that the circumstances of his death were not on the site, I will add them.

      Bennie’s photo was found inside of an old family album. Written beneath his photo on the album page was, “Fell into well”. Outside of that little note and the obituary taped to the back of his photo, I was unable to find any other information about him, though it’s been quite a number of years since I’ve looked.

      If you find anything, I would appreciate you letting me know.. I like to include as much info with the photos as I can.



  5. /me clears throat…looks around…surmises…this is slower than the forums that were closed for this reason…”I know…. But the forum wasn’t really that active” uummm ok? LOL.


    • /me clears throat…and shouts into the abyss. hello!!…hello.hello…is there anyone here?!!!…here,here,here.
      WOW what an echo to such an empty space…
      with deepest sympathies to Freebell in your loss. btw…loved your thoughts,humor,and post in the forums as with all the others…all of ya’ll educated and enlightened me well. 😉


    • Yep! It’s a lot slower, as far as member comments, but that’s OK. Speaking as the admin, there were several good reasons to convert from forum to blog and I don’t regret it one bit…… the number one factor being that the forum BROKE and I could not repair it :^D … Nobody was able to comment any more without an error. So here we are. If you would like to see it more active, comment on the posts! ___ JM


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