2 responses to “Boy with Pink Flower (Cased) [Archive Image 3735B]

  1. Excuse me for speaking free; this little one is no doubt a girl,not a boy. The child was too old for a boy in a dress. I think between seven and ten, and the dress is a girl’s drwss. She wore the hair very strict combed back, that made it look short, but it was sure a braided long ‘tail’.
    My Great Grandmother lost her firstborn in 1901. We still know howdesperate she tried to keep him alive- no Doctor was in reach-; it makes me so MAD if mo*ons want to tell it was something normal back then to lose the beloved chiìd. This envelope here with velvet and embroiderý tells us how they suffered. May they all be together again and at peace. Amen.

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    • Thank you for the comment. I was on the fence about whether the child was a boy or girl, but what appeared to be short, and uncropped, hair decided me in favor of boy. How can you tell the difference between a boy’s dress and a girl’s?


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