Death Scene Arrangement, with Mat [ Archive Image 3517B ]

[ The following caption is from our member’s section, describing the scene without the mat ] Sixth-plate daguerreotype, early-1850s: Man propped up in bed or chair using pillows and other objects, assisted by a man crouched behind – note his hand visible in the upper-left. Also, the deceased man’s suit appears draped over his body to give the appearance that he was actually wearing it. All of these details that went into preparing this death scene were never meant to be seen by the casual viewer – they are completely hidden when the original mat is replaced – see our blog post.

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Second Photo of Man in Casket [ Archive Image 3513B ]

Wisconsin, circa 1912: Man in his casket, on top of which have been placed several religious statues, with even more visible on the altar display in the background. A funeral wreath with the word “Father” has been laid on top of his casket, and a religious photo has been placed next to his head. A second photo of the man’s female relatives praying at the sides of his casket is available here (Thanatos Archive subscription is required. Not yet a member? Memberships available here ).