Brackley Family Graves [ Archive Image 2782B ]

Photo Credit: Heather Passariello, 2015.

Photo Credit: Heather Passariello, 2015.

The graves of John Brackley (1842-Dec 1916), his wife Matilda (1848-Feb 1916) and their daughter Mary, who died at 11 years old in 1891 from “Brain Fever”. A circa 1910 photo of John and Matilda visiting Mary’s grave is available here, to Archive members. Not yet an Archive member? Please review membership options here.

Grave of “Christmas Baby” [ Archive Image 2782B ]

Gravestone in Washington Prairie Lutheran Church Cemetery, Iowa. April 2020 photo courtesy of Patty Wisher.

Grave of Ernest Wigesland, who died on Christmas morning in 1917. A post mortem photo of Ernest (taken in front of the family’s Christmas tree!) is available here, to Thanatos Archive subscribers. Archive membership options (as low at $9.99) can be reviewed here.

Joel [ Archive Image 3541B ]

A black man, identified as “Joel”, photographed in Stavanger, Norway in the late-1890s. Possibly a Christian convert from Africa. A post mortem photo of Joel, with two white / Norwegian mourners at his side, is available here .. definitely an interesting set of images. >>> A Thanatos Archive subscription is required to access the post mortem image. Not yet a member? Click here to join.

Bitten by Dog / Died of Rabies [ Archive Image 3540B ]

Photo and short bio of Charles Bigelow Putnam, plus a photo of his grave, located in Edgewood Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire. His original memorial card can be viewed in the “Mourning & Memorial” section of The Thanatos Archive (members only access).

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Charles Bigelow, seventh child and fifth son of Barnes B. and Lucy Ann Maria (Bills) Putnam, was born in Nashua, November 23, 1854. He attended the public school until he was about fourteen years old, and was then employed in the carpenter business until 1874, when he became connected with the American Express Company, remaining until 1887, and was for a time connected with the Nashua Fire Department. About 1887 he formed a partnership with O. D. Kimball, and engaged in teaming and dealt quite extensively in horses. The business was successful, and though dying young he left his family well provided for. He died December 19, 1889, from hydrophobia (rabies), after lingering six weeks from the time that he was bitten by a dog opposite his home; he was aged thirty-five. He married, in Nashua, December 29, 1875, Ella Agnes Nichols, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, November 3, 1850, daughter of James and Sarah Elizabeth (Swan) Nichols, of Lowell. They had three children born to them: Fred Nichols, Grace Ella, who is a member of the Grace Putnam Society, membership (1907), twenty-eight in the United States, and Anne M.

His grave marker as it appeared in 2011. Photo credit: Amy Levesque.

Charles, not long before his death.