Grave of John Nelson & Wife 1870s, 2016. Interesting Note


Circa 1877.

Photo credit: Christine, 2016.

Top image: Circa 1876 photo of the grave of Adelaide Anne Nelson, the wife of John W. Nelson, who died in 1873 at the age of 22 or 23; a few short years later, in 1879, her husband John also passed away, also at a very young of  27. I was unable to find any records of their deaths that might help explain why they died so young…

In the 2016 photo it’s interesting that at some point the inscription stone was completely replaced, leaving no mention of Adelaide. Was she moved at the request of her husband, or possibly even his family?

The grave is located in Magnolia Cemetery in Augusta, Georgia.

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Current Day Photo of Archive Image 3597

Photo of the amazing Hews / Jackson monument (Credit: Jim Kuhn, 2015) at Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, New York. A circa 1896 cabinet card in our collection showing visitors to this family plot can be found in our collection (Archive subscription required).

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Grave and Obituary, 3-Year-Old Boy (Archive Image 3595B)


An original obituary and grave marker relating to 3-year-old Dewey Ginn, who died in 1901 in Montana. An original cabinet card of Dewey’s favorite chair covered with funeral flowers and a sign reading “Little Dewey’s Chair” can be found in our collection (Archive subscription required).

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Death Certificate, Killed by Falling Slate (Archive Image #3594)

Death certificate for a young miner who was killed by a piece of falling slate while working in the Primrose Mine in Minersville, PA. His photographic memorial card can be viewed in the Mourning & Memorial section of our website, here (Archive subscription required). If you are not yet an Archive member, please review membership options here.

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Grave of Mr. & Mrs. Williams


Circa 1912 photo from our collection showing members of the Williams family visiting the grave of Joseph Williams (1850-1911). The older woman was possibly (probably) Joseph’s wife, Henrietta (born 1853), whose name is also on the grave, with the date of death waiting to be added. It turns out Henrietta lived until 1934, and she was buried with her husband.. interestingly though, her date of death was never added. See photo #2 (taken by John VanCamp in 2016). The Williams are buried in Kidwell, West Virginia, in the Lazear Chapel Cemetery there. <> Visit our website for more of our post mortem and mourning photography collection. Click here to access the entire archive for only $9.99

Widower & Children, + Premortem [Archive Image 3586B]

Click to Enlarge

1885 cabinet card, widower James Cochran and his children (l-r) Bertram, Earnest and Dwight, posing with an enlarged portrait of his wife and the boys’ mother Ella Carile Newell Cochran. who died at the young age of 34 on December 14, 1884. The cabinet card of Ella on the right was used to make the enlargement.

The previous year, in May of 1883, the Cochran family lost their young daughter Mabel at only 5 years old. A premortem photo of a very ill Mabel being comforted by Ella is available on our website, here. Thanatos Archive membership is required. Not yet a member? Review Thanatos Member options here ).