Railroad Brakeman, Memorial with CDV

Silver plated memorial for Charles Henry Scott, with his photo (c.1869 CDV). Charles was a brakeman for Connecticut Railroad.. on August 25, 1870, he slipped and fell between two train cars and was crushed to death. This happened the day before his 26th birthday. Below is a photo of his grave, located in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Photo credit: Bill Bourbeau, 2015. <> Please remember to support our website and our work with a Thanatos Archive membership! 


Memorial Album, Mother & Children


A family photo album containing many photos of a woman and her family, with a braid of her hair inside of the album’s cover. The two images shown with the album are a portrait of the woman, taken only a few weeks before her death, and a photo of the woman with her husband and six children. Less than a year after the family portrait above was taken, the woman and the two youngest children would all be dead. Another child died in infancy several years earlier.

The death photos of all three children can before seen in our Archive (members only!): [ Photo 1 ] [ Photo 2] [ Photo 3 ].

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Before Restoration [Archive Image 3673B]

A sixth-plate ambrotype of a man and his son, received in poor condition, as shown. Thanatos Archive members can click here to see this image after our restoration work was completed. The boy and father are also identified, and have an interesting story, which can be read at the link above. Not yet an Archive member? View subscription options here!

A Look Beneath [ Archive Image 3671B ]

Daguerreotype, as found, sealed behind mat and cover glass. We opened this daguerreotype up to clean the glass and reveal what had been hidden by the mat for over 160 years – Thanatos Archive members can see the results by clicking here. If you do not yet have your own Thanatos Archive membership, please review subscription options here).

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