“Beyond the Dark Veil” ~ Limited Time


“Beyond the Dark Veil” VHTF FIRST EDITION & Thanatos Archive combo packages available @ BTDV Pack
BUYERS: You will be contacted at your PayPal email address with instructions on how to activate your account.

2 responses to ““Beyond the Dark Veil” ~ Limited Time

  1. Sorry to enter this here, but I find no “contact” menu option. I don’t have and don’t want Paypal. How can I pay to join?
    B.R. Stanard


    • I believe that on PayPal’s checkout page they give an option to enter a credit card number directly, without creating a PayPal account. After you fill membership info and click the PayPal payment button, the credit card link will be somewhere on the next couple of pages that follow. Works the same if you interested in purchasing a book. info@thanatos.net


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