Original Pamphlet, Conjoined Twins (Archive Medical Section #2032)


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Rare four page pamphlet with the history of conjoined twins born in 1889.

The original cabinet card photo of the twins is available in our vintage medical photography section:
Conjoined Twins (Access: Thanatos Archive members only)

5 responses to “Original Pamphlet, Conjoined Twins (Archive Medical Section #2032)

  1. This is incredible! Anything medical fascinates me, which is why I am a nurse. I would love to see the skeleton and/or other views of these sweet babies. They have to have genitals/anus for elimination. For mom to only be 20 years old… wow. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for everything you do!!


  2. Sorry to blow up the comments, but I know I can’t be the only one fascinated by this! This is from the link I just posted:
    I found this article from Evansville Indiana, March 3, 1890

    The parents of the Jones twins of Wabash, which have created great interest in medical circles, being joined together, have decided to bury the infants in their own door yard to avoid grave robbery. Mr. and Mrs. Jones have received tempting offers for the bodies by Anatomists, but have declined them all. Every possible precaution will be made to prevent the bodies from being stolen. The parents of the freak realized a small fortune by exhibiting the children.

    Unfortunately, at that time, children with deformities were often referred to that way.


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