Grave & Inscription of Chester Eastman (Archive Image #2676)


Grave of Chester Forest Eastman, located at the Eastman Family Cemetery, in
Pembina, North Dakota. Photograph credit: RazorSharpe (FindAGrave).

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I will lay my head on my mother’s breast
She will watch as I sleep to my last long rest
And I’ll clasp her yet on the blissful shore,
Where death cannot come and we part no more.No kisses drop upon the cheek,
Those lips we sealed to me.
Dear Lord, how could I give him up
To any but to thee.Another hand is beckoning us.
Another call is given,
And flows once more with angel steps
The path which reaches heaven.I take this little lamb, said He.
And lay him on my breast.
Protection it shall find in me,
And be forever blest.