Dead 37 Hours (Archive Image #2768)

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Click here to view the boy’s remarkable post mortem photo ( members only – be sure you are logged into your account and have “Auto Login” checked)

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2 responses to “Dead 37 Hours (Archive Image #2768)

  1. This isn’t a comment but an inquiry about my membership. (I can see no ‘contact us’ link. I am, evidently, a former member. Would you reply to let me know the date my membership expired? Also, it appears that emails I received before my membership must have expired are no longer accessible to me. Is that correct?




    • Hi. For future reference, there is a clickable contact email link on the bottom-right corner of the main website page, and in the same spot inside of the member section.

      Your account is valid until October 6, 2016. I will email you.


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