Dear Brother Nelson

[Letter addressed to Robt. N. C. Mount, Esq, Monticello, Jasper Country, Georgia]

New York, Jan’y the 16th 1841

Dear Brother Nelson, [Robert Nelson Mount]

If you recognize the features of the enclosed sketch, you will doubtless be somewhat prepared fro the melancholy intelligence I am about to communicate – our dear Brother Henry is no more, he died on Sunday the 10th of Jan’y at 1/2 past eleven o’clock A.M. and was buried on the Tuesday following.

I was not at Stony Brook when he died, but arrived there in time to attend the funeral – was there the week before and as I too sensibly felt, parted with him for the last time. Altho a great sufferer, he bore his illness with patience, and died most happily.

He told Mary [wife Mary Bates Ford] he was dying – desired there should be no commotion in the room – said he should like to live on account of his family, but as it was God’s will he should die. He was willing to go – desiring his children to be brought to the bedside he shook hands with them all and then kissed them – In like manner he parted with his wife and the rest of the family, saying to Mother “Kiss me once more and don’t be distressed on my account, I am willing to go”. A quarter of an hour after he died, looking as if he had lain down to pleasant dreams, the sketch of him was taken after death by Brother William [William Sidney Mount] and is a strong resemblance of him as he then appeared.

The family are all well considering the fatigue both of body and mind through which they have so recently passed. Mother’s health is at best but feeble – she talks a great deal of you. Now Brother Henry is gone, she will doubtless be more anxious to see you than ever – do come home as soon as it is consistent with your feeling and arrangements of business – I would not advise to your injury, but can assure you we should all rejoyce once more to see you among us, to fill up the void which Death has made in our family circle. I have a thousand things to say to you, but have not room to spare. William will write you in a few days. I have always felt a deep interest in your welfare, though I have not written you before since your absence, and I regret the first should be the bearer of such sorrowful tidings.

Yours affectionately,
S.A. Mount [Shepard Alonzo Mount]

** Henry’s deathbed portrait is available in the subscription section of our website at Current subscribers, can click here to go directly to the image.

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