Double Memorial Card (Archive Image #2800B)


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Double memorial card for Helen “Nellie” Yock and her son Lynn, along with their photos and a newspaper clipping. Lynn drowned in Redmond Creek, Ocosta (Chehalis Co.), Washington; just a few weeks later, his mother Nellie died giving birth to her daughter, Helen (1910-1947). Become a Thanatos Archive memberĀ at:

Suicide by Carbolic Acid (Archive #2956)

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Articles about the discovery of the body of a man who committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid. His post mortem photo is available on our website (members only):

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Premortem / Hidden Father (Archive #2951)

Very sick boy in the lap of his father, who is hidden beneath the mat. He was likely
not expected to survive his illness; a photographer would have been called to the
home for a final life portrait. A view with the mat removed is available on our site.
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