Dead of Boils (Archive Image #3013B)

Hilmer Danielson’s funeral in South Dakota. Hilmer’s death certificate said he
died of “boils”. His very striking premortem / deathbed photo can be viewed on
our website at:
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1 of 2 Tintypes – Older Gentleman (Archive #3012B)

One of two, early-1860s quarter-plate tintype photos of an older, well-dressed man.
A lock of his white hair is carefully folded up in a piece of paper inside of the case.

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Photo #2 – Post Mortem Boy with Flowers (Archive #3001B)

Quarter-plate, circa 1858 ambrotype. A second post mortem photo of this same little boy
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Second Poem & Grave Photo (Archive Image #2999)

Top photo: “Dear Little Hands” poem found behind the post mortem photo of 5-month-old Charles Gibbud, who died in 1855.
Bottom photo: A current day photo of the family grave, courtesy of FindAGrave.

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Funeral Card for a Little Girl & Sister (Archive Image #2990B)


Embossed funeral card for a little girl who died in Lambeth, England in 1875. Her older sister died the following month.
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