Johnstown, PA Flood (1889) Child Survivors

Harry, Frank, Myrtle, and John, siblings who survived the devastating Johnstown flood that occurred in May, 1889, killing more than 2200 people. Note that a couple of the boys have injuries.

The Hill family had 8 children at the time of the flood, and at least one of them, Ivy (Myrtle’s twin), died in event, as well as the family’s housekeeper, Jenny Jack.

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2 responses to “Johnstown, PA Flood (1889) Child Survivors

  1. My Grand father was supposedly a surviving infant from the flood . He was then adopted along with several other boys by a family from Texas who then worked them on the Texas ranch. When he was 13 he struck out on his own doing cowboy work and eventually settled in the South Dakota Nebraska are. His name was Harry S Keller I am not sure if that name was given to him by the adoptive parents or if that was his birth name. He eventually was hired by the Federal government as an Indian agent living on the pine ridge reservation.


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