Brackley Family Graves [ Archive Image 2782B ]

Photo Credit: Heather Passariello, 2015.

Photo Credit: Heather Passariello, 2015.

The graves of John Brackley (1842-Dec 1916), his wife Matilda (1848-Feb 1916) and their daughter Mary, who died at 11 years old in 1891 from “Brain Fever”. A circa 1910 photo of John and Matilda visiting Mary’s grave is available here, to Archive members. Not yet an Archive member? Please review membership options here.

Grave of “Christmas Baby” [ Archive Image 2782B ]

Gravestone in Washington Prairie Lutheran Church Cemetery, Iowa. April 2020 photo courtesy of Patty Wisher.

Grave of Ernest Wigesland, who died on Christmas morning in 1917. A post mortem photo of Ernest (taken in front of the family’s Christmas tree!) is available here, to Thanatos Archive subscribers. Archive membership options (as low at $9.99) can be reviewed here.

Joel [ Archive Image 3541B ]

A black man, identified as “Joel”, photographed in Stavanger, Norway in the late-1890s. Possibly a Christian convert from Africa. A post mortem photo of Joel, with two white / Norwegian mourners at his side, is available here .. definitely an interesting set of images. >>> A Thanatos Archive subscription is required to access the post mortem image. Not yet a member? Click here to join.