Infant in Casket (Photo 2 of 2) [ Archive Image 3629B ]

Second photo in a set, showing a deceased infant in his/her casket, surrounded by funeral flowers. The first photo in the set, showing this child’s young parents holding her in their laps, can be viewed in the membership section of our Archive. Archive members can click here to view it now . If you are not an Archive member, you can subscribe now by clicking here.

Widow at Husband’s Grave

Circa 1914: Anna Zeller Gaul (1848-1932) visiting the grave of her husband, George Gaul (1846-1884) at Saint John’s Hains Cemetery in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. I’m unable to identify the object inside of the glass case, possibly a wreath or an article of clothing. George was a farmer who died at the age of 38… Anna, who was 36 at the time of his death never remarried. View the complete Thanatos Archive Collection! Memberships available here.