Post Mortem – Boy in Library & with Pet Dog (Archive #3069B)

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Little boy at home, circa 1905. A second, very touching photo of this same deceased boy with his pet dog can be seen on our website. Links below:
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Cherry Mine Victims (Archive Image #EXCLB)


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Very rare stereoview showing the first two bodies pulled out of Cherry Mine on November 18, 1909, taken by an amateur photographer.
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Memorial for a Mouse (Archive #3063)

Handmade folk art memorial piece for a pet mouse. A detailed close-up view of the center is available on our website at the link below. You must have a Thanatos Archive subscription and be logged into your account to view it! If you are not yet an Archive member, please visit the second link below for options. Thanks!

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Photo 2 of 2 and Note Inside Case (Archive Image #3042)

Little boy, 1/6 ambrotype, and inside of the case, with a lock of his hair.
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Post Mortem Photo Giveaway (July 1-3)


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