Second Photo of Man in Casket [ Archive Image 3513B ]

Wisconsin, circa 1912: Man in his casket, on top of which have been placed several religious statues, with even more visible on the altar display in the background. A funeral wreath with the word “Father” has been laid on top of his casket, and a religious photo has been placed next to his head. A second photo of the man’s female relatives praying at the sides of his casket is available here (Thanatos Archive subscription is required. Not yet a member? Memberships available here ).

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1923 Cloudburst Victim [Blog Exclusive ]

Original photograph, men carrying the wicker casket containing the recovered body of a victim of a “cloudburst” in Louisville, Nebraska.

On September 27, 1923, rain suddenly began falling in a torrential downpour that lasted almost the entire day long; the result was heavy flooding, twelve deaths, the loss of many personal belongings, and even entire homes.

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