[ FOR SALE ] Post Mortem Baby, Open Eyes, Flowers, 1/6 Daguerreotype

Original 1850s daguerreotype, post mortem child with open eyes. It appears she is holding flowers, but the photographer focused the lens on her face, so the surrounding areas a bit softer. Some minor plate issues and tarnish.. in a full case, though notice the right side of the case is missing. 1/6 plate.

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Woman in Black, Post Mortem Child [Blog Exclusive ]

Two tintypes, a woman dressed in mourning and a deceased child in spindle wood crib. Neither is identified so a relation can’t be verified, but the photos were acquired together in part of one small collection.

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Death Scene Arrangement, with Mat [ Archive Image 3517B ]

[ The following caption is from our member’s section, describing the scene without the mat ] Sixth-plate daguerreotype, early-1850s: Man propped up in bed or chair using pillows and other objects, assisted by a man crouched behind – note his hand visible in the upper-left. Also, the deceased man’s suit appears draped over his body to give the appearance that he was actually wearing it. All of these details that went into preparing this death scene were never meant to be seen by the casual viewer – they are completely hidden when the original mat is replaced – see our blog post.

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