RPPC, Relating to Mourning Card [ Archive Image 3455A ]

Circa 1900 real photo postcard of George Henry Loper at about 15 years old. That is most likely his little sister Edith in the doorway. George, or Henry, died at only 27 from erysipelas, which I believe is a skin infection from a scratch, for example, that gets into the bloodstream. . * His photographic mourning/memorial card can be viewed here (Archive membership is required). Not an Archive Member? Click here to subscribe to the Thanatos Archive. 

Mourning Dress, Face Detail [ Archive Image 3454A ]

Detail, woman in mourning dress

Caption from Archive: Woman in beaded and embroidered black mourning dress, wearing black jet bracelets. Quarter-plate ambrotype, circa 1855. * The scan of the complete cased image is available here (Archive membership is required). Not an Archive Member? Click here to subscribe to the Thanatos Archive. 

Enlargement of Dead Boy’s Items [Archive Image #3448]

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A detailed view of all of the items displayed with a deceased 14 year old boy (Archive Image 3448). The entire post mortem photo as well as an extremely sad note written by the boy’s mother, are both available to Thanatos Archive members. If you’re a member, click here now to view it.

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Before and After [ Archive Image 3447 ]

Tintype of a little girl in her coffin. This is how the image was found, still sealed, with very dirty glass that obscured a lot of the detail.

After carefully removing the seals and brass mat, the entire image was scanned and added to our Archive. The detail was greatly improved, and without the mat the entire scene was revealed, showing more of her unusual coffin…

Johnstown, PA Flood (1889) Child Survivors

Harry, Frank, Myrtle, and John, siblings who survived the devastating Johnstown flood that occurred in May, 1889, killing more than 2200 people. Note that a couple of the boys have injuries.

The Hill family had 8 children at the time of the flood, and at least one of them, Ivy (Myrtle’s twin), died in event, as well as the family’s housekeeper, Jenny Jack.

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