Vurna & Dena [ Archive Image 3532B ]

Vurna (Left) and Dena Moyer. This photo of Vurna was used in her memorial / funeral display, which can be seen in the members’ section of our website.

Vurna (left) and Dena. (Vurna was NOT dead in this photo!)

Vurna’s grave in Constantine Township Cemetery, Michigan. Vurna was originally buried at Lakeview Cemetery in South Haven, Michigan, but was disinterred and relocated to the Constantine Township Cemetery. Her tombstone now lies between those of her parents, DC and Sarah Moyer. It appears that Vernon Tilghman Moyer, Vurna’s brother, is now buried in grave #2, of Lot #26 in section #5 at Lakeview cemetery, South Haven.

Vurna (left) and Dena as younger girls, photographed by their father. 

Vurna & Dena Moyer were the daughters of the South Haven,  Michigan photographer David Cares Moyers. Vurna, the older sister, was born in 1880 and died in 1887, cause of death unknown at this time. Dena lived until 1933 (age 50-51). ***** A cabinet card photograph of Vurna’s memorial / funeral display is in our collection and can be viewed here. (Archive subscription required)

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